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At Applied we believe that every change is presented with an opportunity. PCI Compliance and EMV are changes designed to prodect both you and your customers. By converting your systems legacy credit card processing hardware and software to EMV / NFC ready technology a new door of opportunity is available to you making this much more than simply an effort to cut down on credit card fraud. We also beleive that each opportunity should present you with choices that best fit your needs and budget. That is why we offer three processing options to choose from all of which allow you to process and settle to your bank of choice. We can provide these services through FirstData's Ignite, Payment Logistics, and through RM Payments a Lighthouse Network Company.

What is EMV? Briefly: Beginning October of 2015 the shift in liability of credit card chargebacks, fraudulent or not, was shifted to you the merchant and business owner through EMV; Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, the three companies that originally created the standard.

For many the migration to EMV has been further complicated by the very merchant services processors that serve your business simply not being ready by the imposed deadline. Nonetheless the shift in liability was passed on to you the retailer, restaurateur, and ecommerce storefront owner... To this day many electronic payment system providers are still not ready. This is especially the case in the restaurant industry.

So what are some of the benefits of converting your system?
  • Shifting Fraud Responsibility back to Merchant Services
  • Acceptance of Electronic Wallet Technology Such As Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and more...
  • Protects You and Your Customers in Safer Transactions
  • Enables Global Interoperability in Payments
  • Eliminates The Current Rise and Trend of Friendly Fraud
  • EMV Upgrades May Open More Opportunities to Your Current System Such as Gift Card Sales, etc...
Applied SBC is in a unique position to help you by having partnered with electronic payment system ISO's and providers who can hook into many of the popular point of sale systems out there today to provide an EMV compliant payment system processing solution. This even includes restaurant point of sale systems. So don't wait for Friendly Fraud to strike big. Call us today! 206-397-0332

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  1. First Data Ignite
    First Data Ignite
    If you need credit card processing for almost any type of business, stationary, mobile, and web we can help with extremely competitive rates.
  2. Payment Logistics
    Payment Logistics
    Integrated and Stand Alone devices to provide EMV and PCI compliance in almost any situation.
  3. RM Payments
    RM Payments
    Combined with Point of Sale this options offers programs for free or drastically reduced cost POS Systems.
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