Applied Server Based Computing dba Applied SBC and Applied POS

IT Help Desk & Support​​​​​​​

IT Help Desk Support
We provide you amazing technical support. To reach our full potential we get to know your network and users to work better as a team. Our IT support systems and representatives are trained to adhere to your needs. Call or email us and our customer support will guide you through any issues you may face. Applied's IT support can assist to your own customized request. Here to help 24 hours a day.
User Safety & Protection
At Applied we make sure all our customers and clients are protected. We offer an array of different products that help to insure your business's safety. There is also our highly qualified group of engineers on call waiting to help you. For any further questions on how we can help contact us now.
Around the Clock Monitoring Managment 
We monitor your sites and systems to make sure everything runs smoothly. If a problem is found our engineers are alerted immediately to fix the problem. Our team is monitoring to constantly check that your systems are running efficiently and correctly.
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