Applied Server Based Computing dba Applied SBC and Applied POS
Since 1998...
Since 1998 Applied SBC has been providing clients with our core of cutting edge technology designed to improve the performance, flexibility, and security of your computing applications and infrastructure. By using technologies such as Citrix, Terminal Server, Hyper-V, etc we bring high availability to your mission critical applications enabling access from any device, any connection, anywhere, all the while saving you valuable resources by bolstering the return on your investment.
IT Consulting, Network Auditing and Monitoring, Application Deployment, Network Security, Productivity Software Licensing, EMV, HIPAA, and PCI Compliance are just a few areas of our more than 20 years of IT expertise.
National Service
Applied Server Based Computing is headquartered in Redmond Washington near the Microsoft campus with satellite locations in Atlanta and Honolulu. Simply put we provide end - to - end IT consulting, products, service and repair across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
For more information please contact us at (206) 397-0332